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Business Value Opportunity Review

A popular service offering is our Business Value Opportunity Review. During this comprehensive review, we work with business owners and management teams to identify, quantify, and pursue value opportunities (“Found Money”) in many functional areas of the business. 

The benefits may include cost savings, credits, refunds, exemptions, incentives, grants, overpayments, and tax planning opportunities. Our primary purpose is to deliver substantial cost savings to the business.  

Our Approach

Phase I:

Questionnaire & Interview – This phase focuses on gaining an understanding of the business and identifying key areas for potential value opportunities.

Phase II:

Review & Analysis – In this phase we perform a thorough review of Company data provided to identify and quantify potential cost savings, credits, current and prospective tax savings, and\or planning opportunities for each value opportunity reviewed.

Phase III:

Value Opportunity Pursuit – For each “value opportunity” identified, we will pursue refunds, credits, current and prospective savings, and\or planning opportunities, as applicable. 

Phase IV:

Maintenance –  We will perform annual reviews and prepare calculations, applications and/or schedules and filings to obtain additional benefits, as necessary.

Value Opportunities & Benefits: 

We look forward to learning more about your business and how we can deliver substantial value to you and your company.