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Our Story

Apricus Business Consulting, LLC was established to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to providing value consulting services to businesses. Every business has a number of functional areas, such as: 

Businesses incur many types of operational costs, such as wages and benefits, office rent (or mortgage), equipment, repairs and maintenance, hardware and software, technology, marketing, utilities, insurance, inventory, shipping, waste, telephone, and professional fees. There are unique value opportunities available in many functional and operational cost areas of the business, such as cost reduction strategies, credits, exemptions, grants, and refunds. In many cases, available value opportunities are often overlooked.   

THE CHALLENGE:  Business owners and management teams are challenged with spending valuable time in order to manage operational costs. Identifying costs savings, credits, exemptions, strategies, and planning opportunities is time consuming and generally requires a number of outside parties, with no guarantee of savings or positive results.

  • What if there is a better way?
  • What if there was a firm that provided a comprehensive approach to business value opportunity consulting? 
  • What if there was a firm that consisted of a team of experienced professionals and partners who specialize in identifying, analyzing, and delivering value opportunities in all business functional areas? 
  • What if this firm’s primary focus is to identify and deliver value to you and your business in a streamlined fashion?

Today there is a solution! Apricus Business Consulting, LLC was established to work with business owners and management teams to provide a comprehensive approach to value consulting services. 

What Does Apricus Mean?

Our company name is drawn from the Latin term “Apricus”, which means sunshine, full of light or warmed by the sun. Our founder’s professional background in state and local taxation is often referred to as “SALT” services in the tax consulting industry. Many people are familiar with the “SALT Life” mantra made popular by a clothing company and commonly seen vehicle stickers.  The “SALT Life” suggests a positive mindset and pursuit for a better work/life balance. We selected Apricus as our company name in support our firm vision to create a business with a purposeful focus to establish a more rewarding work experience and encouraging each person to maximize the “SALT Life” daily. Our firm’s core values focus on enhancing the work-life journey. For us, it is about the journey, not the destination.