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Business Tax Reviews

There are two key state tax areas that can greatly benefit businesses, management teams, and owners:  maximizing value and minimizing exposures.  As such, we offer two comprehensive business tax reviews, one review focuses on identifying state tax “value opportunities” and a second review analyzes the business’s state tax compliance requirements to identify and correct non-compliance and potential state tax exposures.

  1. Strategic State Tax Review – Our Strategic State Tax Review focuses on identifying state tax “value opportunities” such as refunds, exemptions, exclusions, credits, incentives, and planning opportunities to reduce the overall state tax burden of the business.
  1. State Nexus Study – A State Nexus Study evaluates the Company’s business activities and connections in each state to determine where the Company has a state tax filing requirement for various taxes, including income and franchise, sales and use and gross receipts taxes. The State Nexus Study helps to identify areas of non-compliance and offers a step-by-step process to analyze and remediate non-compliance and any related tax exposures.